Member Area
These are some of the pages in your member area. They will only be visible to you. We suggest that you use a password hint instead of your actual password for added security.

Printable page
This page will display your bookmarks; including logons and password hints. We make it ez4u!
Example 1

Member homepage
This is your main bookmark page. If you have “mouseover” turned on it will display your username and password hint before you go to the website. We make it ez4u!
Example 2

Public page
This is an example of what the public will see. Visitors and other members will never see your logon or password hint. They will also only see the the bookmarks you make public. In this example you will notice that the “mouseover” only shows the link title and that the gmail bookmark does not display, because it was not marked as public by member. We make it ez4u!
Example 3



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